This conference is put together by the organisers Legal Plus Sdn Bhd in collaboration with the International Malaysian Society of Maritime Law, the Malaysia Inner Temple Alumni Association and the Honourable Society of the Lincoln’s Inn Society of Malaysia. It is aimed at educating participants on the many ways of claims resolution in the Maritime industry.

As you are well aware, the world continues to evolve with advancement in technology, hence we cannot rely on the solutions of yesteryears to adequately tackle problems of today. Therefore this conference is a step in the right direction to intimate Maritime industry practitioners with appropriate ways of resolving claims in line with our industry's best practices.

To further lend credence to the indispensability of this conference, a lot of high profile stakeholders will be in attendance to share with participants from their wealth of experience over the decades. Such high profile stakeholders include a retired Chief Justice of the Federal Court of Malaysia, the President of the Court of Appeal, Malaysia, a Court of Appeal Judge, highly experienced maritime practitioners including English QCs, foreign solicitors and local top rated maritime lawyers.


By partaking in this conference as a sponsor, you will be giving your products and services maximum exposure as well as promoting your brand. The conference also affords you the opportunity to

Expand-ClienteleMassively expand your clientele across the length and breadth of the industry

Take-HomeDirectly take your products and services to the people who need them thus increasing your chances of making more sales

Promote-Corporate-ImagePromote your corporate image and profile thus creating a favorable PR

Make your company more accessible to the people who need your services or products

OutsmartOutsmart your competitors

Brand-ValuesShare and promote your brand values

Merchandise-SamplingMerchandise; by taking advantage of the benefit of product display, sampling and demonstration

ExpertsAs you must have seen from the calibre of facilitators at this conference, you don’t always have experts like this gathered at an event, it’s a rare event and a great opportunity your organisation cannot afford to miss

Apart from the massive opportunities stated above, you also have the rare opportunity to fraternise with both participants and facilitators. It’s a great opportunity that may never come again.


As you can see the benefits of sponsoring this event are limitless, please contact us NOW at +6012 6920999 or alternatively by filling the below information and we will be in touch with you.