Islamic Finance Sukuk Seminar 2016


Islamic Finance Sukuk Seminar

Malaysia continues to assert its position as a world leader in Islamic finance. It has the world’s largest Sukuk market, accounting for around over 60% of global Sukuk issuance. The growth of the Sukuk market in Malaysia has given rise to a need to create greater awareness of the potential and opportunities brought about by the industry, and in particular, of the necessary Shariah, Legal and Accounting requirements imposed by the industry today.

This two-day seminar brings together the key players from both the corporate, banking and legal communities in the area of Islamic Finance, and will create a platform for delegates to network and learn about the latest developments that are taking place, with discussions in key areas such as:

  • regulatory requirements and its implications;

  • importance of the Shariah Advisors role;

  • key procedures and documentations;

  • Shariah audit and compliance issues;

  • default of Sukuk facilities; and

  • latest trends in Sukuk issuance.

With the line-up of impressive speakers and panellist, such as Dr. Aznan Hasan, Dr. Md Nurdin Ngadimon, Mr. Jal Othman, Mr. Megat Hizaini Hassan, Prof. Dato’ Mohamed Ismail Shariff, Mr. Mohd Nazri Chik, Dato’ Andri Aidham Badri, Mr. Lukman Sheriff Alias and Mr. Yoon Chee Loon, this seminar will showcase the first-hand experience and knowledge of this group of leading industry practitioners.

Upon completion of this seminar, delegates will be able to hone in on all the important aspects of Sukuk issuance that will serve them well in the continued growth of their practice.

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The Event will be held:
Date : 13 – 14 October 2016
Venue : Ballroom, Concorde Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

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