Construction Law Conference 2018

  It has been an exciting period for the construction industry in the past few months which saw a number of important developments in the construction law and practice in Malaysia. These developments include the recent Federal Court decision in the case of Far East Holdings Bhd and Another v Majlis Ugama Islam dan Adat […]

Maritime Law Conference 2017

The world never stops changing and so too the industries, including the maritime industry. It is instructive to observe the peculiar maritime challenges and uncertainties faced in recent times amidst the changing global dynamics, which sets the momentum of future change. What exactly is changing and how, as maritime practitioners, can we best meet these […]

Maritime Law Conference 2016

Maritime Law Conference – Kuala Lumpur from IMSML on Vimeo. Shipping disputes date back many centuries. The means of enforcing admiralty claims and recovering maritime debts began to take the forms as we now know them, over the last 100 years. The Arrest Convention of 1952 remains the primary source of the admiralty jurisdiction asserted […]