Company WhatsApp Group – Can I Exit

Company WhatsApp Group – Can I Exit In this day and age, WhatsApp is the preavalent communication tool in most workplaces. Unlike other more formal modes of communication, WhatsApp communication are instant and his has revolutionized workplace communications. While WhatsApp has undoubtedly brought a lot of benifits to the workplace, it also creates few dubious […]


EMPLOYMENT LAW CONFERENCE 2021 Jointly organised by Legal Plus and L2 i-CON Employment Laws were intended to provide guidelines and regulations for employers and employees to ensure a fair and secure employment arrangement. Traditionally, the key employment issues included workplace discrimination, unfair or wrongful dismissal, wage dispute, or workplace safety. However, the Covid-19 pandemic had […]

Talk About Mental Health In The Workplace

Talk About Mental Health In The Workplace Mental health has been getting a lot of attention lately because of the rise in suicide cases as well as the early indi- cations of long-term psychological risks. Many in the work- force choose to hide their depression, burnout, repressed emotions or lack of focus in fear of […]

Employment Law Conference

This Conference jointly organised by the Malaysian Society for Labour and Social Security Laws (MSLSSL) and Legal Plus Sdn Bhd brings together all stakeholders in the labour and employment industries in Malaysia. The Conference is specifically designed to generate discussions on current pressing issues in labour and employment and provide participants with the knowledge and […]