Company WhatsApp Group – Can I Exit

Company WhatsApp Group – Can I Exit In this day and age, WhatsApp is the preavalent communication tool in most workplaces. Unlike other more formal modes of communication, WhatsApp communication are instant and his has revolutionized workplace communications. While WhatsApp has undoubtedly brought a lot of benifits to the workplace, it also creates few dubious […]

New Company Law Seminar 2016

  The Companies Bill 2015, which was recently passed by Parliament on 28 April 2016, brings about major changes to the existing corporate landscape in Malaysia, as it replaces the old Companies Act 1965. The new Act effectively modernizes the Malaysian corporate legal setup in line with the current international standards.

Advocacy Skills Seminar 2016

Advocacy is the art of persuasion. Most law schools teach this subject but only to a certain level due to limited time and lack of
experienced teachers in this practical field. Thus, this subject is often left to individuals desiring to do “court work” to devise their own proficiency.