The Arrest of the Superyacht Equanimity

This seminar, which is based on the recently released book “The Arrest of the Superyacht Equanimity”, will highlight directly from the Author and the legal team, how Malaysia successfully reclaimed what was hers – the Superyacht Equanimity – once owned by a fugitive of Malaysia’s 1MDB financial scandal. This is the first seminar to deliver […]

Covid-19 Act 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has created challenges across a number of industries, and has given rise to numerous disputes. The COVID-19 Act 2020 came into force on 23 October 2020. To what extent does the COVID-19 Act 2020 provide a solution to these problems? What other solutions can be explored? Join our distinguished speakers for a […]


In Malaysia, most of the construction disputes are resolved through arbitration and statutory adjudication. According to the statistics from the AIAC, majority of the domestic arbitrations registered with the centre concerned the resolution of construction disputes. In the realm of statutory adjudication, the number of cases registered with the AIAC have seen a steady growth […]

Cyber Security 2019

It’s a simple question to ask, but if your organisation isn’t prepared in advance to deal with a breach, it will probably fail in its response.How leaders plan for and respond to a cybersecurity breach can make or break the company’s reputation. With so much at risk, will your organisation be ready when a breach […]

Labour Law 2019

The Conference aims to equip participants with the knowledge and solutions to handlecurrent challenges at the workplace. Thus, the Conference will enable participants tokeep abreast with current developments in labour and employment law.The Conference features distinguished speakers comprising the Honourable Ministerof Human Resources, officials from the Human Resources Ministry, Industrial CourtChairman, leading lawyers and HR […]

CIPAA 2019

The construction industry has traditionally looked to arbitration as an alternative to court resolution of its disputes. For some time, it was the speed and flexibility of arbitrations that gave it the edge. As construction strove for efficiency, the need for even more expeditious mechanisms to resolve disputes and to free up cash flow for […]

Construction Law Conference 2018

  It has been an exciting period for the construction industry in the past few months which saw a number of important developments in the construction law and practice in Malaysia. These developments include the recent Federal Court decision in the case of Far East Holdings Bhd and Another v Majlis Ugama Islam dan Adat […]