CIPAA 2018

The construction industry has traditionally looked to arbitration as an alternative to court resolution of its disputes. For some time, it was the speed and flexibility of arbitrations that gave it the edge. As construction strove for efficiency, the need for even more expeditious mechanisms to resolve disputes and to free up cash flow for […]

HR IR Law Conference 2018

This Conference is tailored for your HR and IR needs and serves as a platform to generate discussion on the present pressing issues in HR and IR matters. It is also to equip participants with the knowledge and solutions required to manage the human capital strategies. We are honoured to present you a list of […]

Holiday Law Conference 2017

The one day conference aims to equip participants with the key to understanding legal aspects in sustainable development and management of travel and hospitality products, protection and cultural resources. Tourism related operators will benefit from examining the depth and comprehensive roles and responsibilities of all stakeholders increase the awareness of operators about the legal rights […]

Maritime Law Conference 2017

The world never stops changing and so too the industries, including the maritime industry. It is instructive to observe the peculiar maritime challenges and uncertainties faced in recent times amidst the changing global dynamics, which sets the momentum of future change. What exactly is changing and how, as maritime practitioners, can we best meet these […]

One Belt One Road

One Belt One Road (OBOR) was introduced in September 2013 with its strategic proposition to connect the People’s Republic of China with Eurasia, Middle East, Africa via landlocked Central Asia and littoral South East Asia nations. In November 2016, Malaysia and China had inked 14 business-to-business agreements and 16 government-to government Memorandum of Understanding amounting […]

Employment Law Conference

This Conference jointly organised by the Malaysian Society for Labour and Social Security Laws (MSLSSL) and Legal Plus Sdn Bhd brings together all stakeholders in the labour and employment industries in Malaysia. The Conference is specifically designed to generate discussions on current pressing issues in labour and employment and provide participants with the knowledge and […]

4th Advocacy Skills Seminar

Advocacy is the art of persuasion. Most law schools teach this subject but only to a certain level due to limited time and lack of experienced teachers in this practical field. Thus, this subject is often left to individuals desiring to do “court work” to devise their own proficiency. But before you can develop your […]