Advocacy Skills Seminar 2016

Questions to Panel Members from the Floor, moderated by Mr. Roger Chin (seated middle, Vice President, Sabah Law Association). From left, Justice Dato‘ Vazeer Alam Mydin Meera, YA Datuk Douglas Primus, YA Dato Mary Lim, Mr. Roger Chin,  Y Bhg Dato Mah Weng Kwai,  YA Justice Lee Swee Seng and Y Bhg Tan Sri James Foong

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Advocacy is the art of persuasion. Most law schools teach this subject but only to a certain level due to limited time and lack of experienced teachers in this practical field. Thus, this subject is often left to individuals desiring to do “court work” to devise their own proficiency.

This seminar intends to enlighten participants to not only the basic skills of advocacy but also to the finer points and techniques often missed,
overlooked and neglected or perhaps forgotten by trial lawyers.

Speakers for this seminar comprises of current judges, retired judges and senior practising advocates. Those from the Bench had been active advocates before their elevation. By virtue of their experience they have an added advantage of being able to identify common errors and mistakes committed by advocates appearing before them. They will be highlighting these and rendering suggestions and proposals to overcome them.

The speakers from the Bar are senior practitioners recognized by their peers as having noteworthy experience in advocacy from
this country. In addition to setting out the basic rules they will also be disclosing various perils, hazards and dangers to avoid. Aside from this,
they will also share with you successful and proven techniques engaged and refined by them.

This is one seminar that should not be missed by anyone who wishes to advance his or her advocacy skill. It is meant to enlighten you not only to the basic foundation of this craft but also share with you the various techniques that can be adopted into a winning style of your own.

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