Registered in 2014, Legal Plus Sdn Bhd organizes conferences, seminars, workshops and classes, as well as publishes materials on legally related subjects both nationally and internationally.

Founding Member, YABhg Tun Zaki Azmi, former Chief Justice, Malaysia

Founding Member, YABhg Tan Sri James Foong, former Judge, Federal Court, Malaysia

Founding Member, Ms Catherine Eu, former Executive Director of the Bar Council, Malaysia

Its creation arose out of a common desire by its three founders, who all stem from the legal fraternity, to share the knowledge they have gained from their collective experience. Leading the group as Chairman is Tun Zaki Azmi, the former Chief Justice of Malaysia. Then there is Tan Sri James Foong, a retired Judge of the Federal Court of Malaysia, and Ms Catherine Eu, the former Chief Executive of the Malaysian Bar Council.

Due to their long association with the law and with those involved in the creation, practice, teaching and implementation of it, they are able to identify areas and gaps in various areas of the law and practices where the legal community and the general public need to be informed and be educated. With their extensive contacts they are able to secure learned and outstanding speakers and teachers in various field of speciality to deliver talks and to conduct workshops.

Past performances staged by Legal Plus Sdn Bhd have been great successes accompanied by exceedingly positive feedback from participants. Encouraged by this and armed with the purpose to improve knowledge sharing, Legal Plus Sdn Bhd is confident that it will continue to play its role in the betterment of society.

With founders coming from substantially credible background, we seek to provide the best legal information from highly credible speakers who are experts and practitioners of their fields for our seminars and events.


We seek to provide continuing professional training, seminars (in-house or public) pertaining to legal issues and compliances for various professions including lawyers, others in legal fraternity and public in respect to laws affecting them.
We not only take pride in choosing the best speakers, but we also want to ensure that the message is delivered accurately to our audience. We often limit our audience to less than 100 and our audience includes:

  • Judges
  • Lawyers
  • Judicial & Legal Officers
  • Academicians
  • Inhouse Counsel
  • Directors of Companies
  • Human Resource Professions
  • Government Agencies
  • all those the Private and Corporate Sectors

These seminars are intended to be refresher courses for the seniors and continuing professional training for the younger members.